Thank you all so very much!

It is with great consideration that we have decided to close our shop location at 901 Central Avenue. It has been an absolute honor to meet, style and befriend each client who has walked through our doors over the last 7 years. I know without question that we are the lucky ones to have served such supportive and fabulous people.  We are forever grateful to the community of entrepreneurs, artist, musicians, actors and creatives who so willingly and generously collaborated over the years to make our extra-circular shenanigans come to fruition time and time again. 

I have personally been contemplating a professional pivot for some time, an inevitable increase in rent has occurred that has helped to give me the courage to take advantage of this timing and begin the transition. Autumn is my favorite time of the year and I am delighted to take the opportunity to savor every moment with my family and friends. 

FROCK Shop will move to an engaging online platform with the occasional local pop-up presence. The website will fully re-open shortly following our liquidation sale. Heavy on lifestyle vintage, deep thoughts and the musings of a looney tune who has chosen to leave the dream pursuit of a brick and mortar oasis, for a curated corner of the inter-web.

We will be preparing this week for our final sale. We will open to the on Saturday, September 7th with an epic cash-only liquidation event that will include furnishings, fixtures, art and below cost clothing shoes and accessories. This final sale will extend until the last week of the month or we sell out.

For any customers who hold gift certificates or store credit certificates to our shop I implore you to plan a visit during September for in-person redemption of your physical certificate. Following the store closure you will have the opportunity to mail in your certificate for verification and transfer to a digital gift card, good for redemption on our website.

Please do not hesitate to reach out for any questions at .

With love,

Caroline Cook-Frers

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane.